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To celebrate 9/11, let’s all get together and play some #Jenga

@Blackmilk @xdannyxbrownx #BlackAnd Brownmassacre

Gettin my Ransom money #workflow

Taken at the #Grind916 show Sept. 4th 2014

My new sounds:

THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY!! TONIGHT is the night to get yo ASS TO BLUE LAMP ON Alhambra & Nst downtown Sacramento @ 7pm! Why? Because you’re not gonna use the “I have school” excuse! I’m rockin the stage and I have work at 6 in the morning tomorrow so… yeah… bring yo ass! 21+/$10 #hiphopmusic

Go home Roger!!

ARE YOU GETTING STRESSED OUT about SCHOOL or overtime at work? WELL mark your calendars to COME SEE ME, DECARIE BLACK, PERFORMING AT BLUE LAMP on SEPTEMBER 4TH. 21+/ $10/ticket. Contact me for tickets because I need (15) actual ticket sales to perform

Check out my 16bars on Cali Spit Club #Soundcloud page
#flipagram @flipagram

Dope show on Sept 4th. Details here.

September 4th, 2014
@The Blue Lamp
(Alhambra & Nst)
Business Card Free

Let do business.

J. TERRIBLE GRIND SHOW TICKETS ON DECK! The show is on Sept. 4th @ Blue Lamp in downtown Sacramento (Alhambra & N st.) Myself, Decarie Black, is on the bill along with other dope cali artists. 21+/ $10 cover

Check out Hot 16s on @CaliSpitClub @soundcloud

Yo check out some hot 16s from cali artists including myself (Decarie Black) @

Decarie Black Bang It Produced By Decarie Black by calispitclub on SoundCloud 

Check out Decarie Black’s 16bars on @CaliSpitClub @soundcloud

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